Block 1 of Quilty Stitches

NWF Quilty stitches - Block 1

I mentioned a while ago that I had committed to make a Quilty Stitches cross-stitch sampler and here’s the first block done. I’ve done cross stitch in the past, but never fractional stitches, so that was the first thing to read up on. Actually I thought cross stitch means whole crosses and nothing else, so live and learn :)

The Swoon block was laborious to make, but also fun and pretty. The light blue is quite light, the green a medium one, and the violet a gentle kind of value but oh so difficult to photograph well. I have the same problem when taking photos of purple jewellery that I sell and in those moments I wish I had a really good camera.

As you can see I’ve already started on the second block and there’s much more counting compared to the first. Hopefully I’ll have something to show you in the coming week.

Have you joined this sampler along yet? Happy Saturday!


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