iPad cover for mom is finished

NWF iPad cover 6

First finish from my June list, hooray! I started on this iPad cover for my mom yesterday evening and finished it today.

The tutorial I used is by one shabby chick and it was quite interesting to read. As I found it two years ago (I have a downloaded pdf dated in April 2012), the explanations were so challenging that I had to wait until I had learned more. Last year I had made some notes to replace the batting with fusible fleece, since I hadn’t bought the former yet. The instructions were also a bit too complex for me still. And this week it’s been a breeze; funny how we know much more than we think we do sometimes!

The tutorial was thorough, but I have a couple of comments to add. When the “flap” is pinned on for sewing, you need to have the back of the cover touch the back of the flap, like this once it’s in place:

NWF iPad cover 5

From the front it looks like this, obviously with the velcro in position:

NWF iPad cover 4

It was a bit confusing for me at first, because the photos show progress without batting added to the lining (which happens in next steps only), so I thought I’d give kind of a progress report from once the outer layer – outer fabric and interfacing and batting – is assembled.

I obviously had to make some adjustments, since I wanted the scrappy panel on the front side, but otherwise no major oops happened, apart from this LOL moment:

NWF iPad cover 1

I had intended for the dark-green strip to be at the bottom, but that didn’t happen :) So far, during my “quilting career”, I’ve enjoyed this particular cut the most; from beast…:

NWF iPad cover 2

…to beauty:

NWF iPad cover 3

Squaring up the front and back panels made me squeal a bit, like a kid, and the raw, neat, straight edges felt like total victory.

You already saw the iPad cover from the front and now it’s time for the back!

NWF iPad cover 7

It was so much fun practicing straight-line quilting again and the walking foot does work even when it has its “character challenges”. This is how the cover looks without anything in it and with the lining peaking out:

NWF iPad cover 8

I used the same striped fabric as in the scrappy block. It’s by Lizzy House from about two years ago. One more photo, now with a thingy inside (although mom’s has a protective sleeve or whatever they are called so it will fit more snugly):

NWF iPad cover 9

It was so nice to make this. I’ve grown in the past couple of years, have learned many new things about sewing and patchwork/quilting, but there are also many, many things that I’m still very slow at. Partly it has to do with the fact that my hiatus made me forget a bit where I store things and so on, but mostly it’s due to my being a beginner still. Now we shall hope the dear mother appreciates it as much as I liked making it for her!

Techniques learned and new tools used:

  • The only new technique this time was how the batting was handled; I ended up with four (!) layers of it in the final product. Add to that two layers of linen, two of cotton lining, and two of fusible interfacing, you can imagine the sewing machine was working hard at the end.
  • While I’ve handled velcro once before, this time I grasped better how to sew it in place.

It feels like I could make a third iPad cover, using this tutorial, in much less time. Sometimes I wish I’d revisit patterns more, but like I’ve concluded earlier this week, I need to move on for now to learn new things.

Happy Midsummer’s Eve to those, who celebrate it!

* * * * *

Earlier I have written about this project: Pattern, front panel improv.


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