iPhone non-pouch finished

NWF Phone pouch 1

Remember the iPhone non-pouch? Yeah, it’s okay, I didn’t think you did. It was in the WIP box still with pins poking everywhere, because the last step required me to locate a needle and thread. And because I’m no fan of sewing by hand (although Mickey Depre’s hexie class on Craftsy might change my mind finally); might as well be honest here.

It took me a royal five minutes to get the stitches in place…

NWF Phone pouch 2

It ain’t pretty up on top but that’s as nice as it will ever look. The major hooray, however, comes from the status change once more.

First it was supposed to be an iPhone pouch, then a pouch for something other than electronics maybe, and once I had finished this little thing I remembered my tiny second phone.

Fits like a second skin on it, it does! I was so happy that it could become a phone pouch and who cares about an i or no i.

The primary thing I learned was that I should ask prior to cutting, if a tutorial that looks very nice seems to lack some information (such as the inch square in this case). I’m sure people don’t mind helping others out, if people ask nicely.


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