Quilty Stitches sampler along

NWF Quilty stitches - First cross stitches

I found a new embroidery sampler along called Quilty Stitches by Little Miss Shabby yesterday (thanks Christine!) and was naughty enough to start a new project.

I have two reasons: 1. I’ve made lots of progress this weekend in bringing forward various projects and 2. It’s small enough to fit in a pocket so it really doesn’t count (right…? feel free to enable me).

Little Miss Shabby - Quilty Stitches sampler

Just look at those tiny cross-stitch blocks! One can’t resist (I can’t resist)! While LMS uses Aida, I dived into my just-in-case boxes and pulled both linen and DMC mouliné. The piece of linen I had to cut from was a narrow strip, so my sampler will finish with next to no linen border around the cross stitches. It’s mind-boggling what I have in store in that stash of mine *shakes her head in wonder*

I thought it’d be a breeze to do cross stitching again, but I was wrong. Already in the Swoon block did I find something new to me and research began; fraction stitches… Quarter stitches and so on were a completely new concept and I also happened to start with four strands, so I ripped out the first row twice. Now I’m down on three strands and it looks better.

The floss colours are quite pastelly but I’ll use what I have in the rainbow box. There’s a bunch of floss that I haven’t wound up on the bobbins yet and there I found a couple of skeins of white. Join us, it’s fun!


2 thoughts on “Quilty Stitches sampler along

  1. Christine

    I am definitely a crafty enabler… so I agree that it doesn’t count! ;) I had to figure out the fractional stitches as well. Thankfully I had a how-to cross-stitch leaflet around that I was able to study. I also Googled the stitches as well (thank goodness for the internet)!

    Since this is only my second cross-stitch project, I used Aida. However, I am really intrigued with the Linen and Evenweave fabrics. I have a particular cross stitch in mind that I’d like to do in the future, and I think either a Linen or Evenweave would really be the better fabric for it. So I’ll be trying that out soon!

    Have fun stitching!!

    1. Nina With Freckles Post author

      Thanks, I already had fun! :) Worked on quite a bit white first, then moved on to fill the first block. Linen is nice in that if you do need to make those fractional stitches, you don’t have to push at all, but simply jump over one thread only, as opposed to two threads when making full stitches.

      I didn’t have any other marking tool than the pen for the large samplers (Craftsy) and if you want precision, I’d definitely look into how to do the ironing on of patterns.

      Using a water-soluble pen is also quite slow (there are photos in the two finished samplers if you want to take a look), in particular if you don’t have a lightbox. I’d love to have one of those, because they are good for appliqué and FPP too. Tools, tools, tools… Heh.


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