Embroidery sampler 3 – Progress photo

NWF Hand Embroidery - Sampler 3 Knotted stitches progress

As you can see, I’m almost done with this third sampler of knotted stitches, but the bullion stitches are giving me so much grief that I ran out of steam. I’m figuring a progress photo might bully me into finishing the project, so I can move on to the next sampler. We’ll see…

Oh, and the fabric, I think it’s a yarn-dyed one, not Essex. Will have to consult my database and make the corrections in the two earlier sampler posts if necessary.


2 thoughts on “Embroidery sampler 3 – Progress photo

  1. Christine

    Your sampler looks great! Such nice, even stitches!

    I do like to embroider, but have pretty much only stayed with simple stitches. That bullion stitch looks complicated! I have been considering taking the craftsy embroidery class after reading your posts. I am just not currently able to stream video on the internet due to where we are staying for the summer… it is communal wi-fi and streaming video is frowned upon. So I am putting off getting the class until we return home. I have so many projects to do anyway, so it may be best to wait until I get caught up!

    1. Nina With Freckles Post author

      Craftsy has made an update on the iPad app. I haven’t tried it yet, but if you can download the video in its entirety, it’s now possible to watch in offline mode, too.

      I mixed my two replies to you and should have posted here the portion about marking stuff. Anyway, thanks, and the “even” stitches are mostly due to following the markings. With that said, you can still cause your stitches to look like total crap, if you don’t pay attention. In particular the lovely French knots in the earlier sampler are such; in theory easy, but in practice perfectly possible to mess up.

      I do get what you’re saying about having lots of projects on the WIP list or – like Ravelry says – in the queue, but if you are serious about embroidery I warmly recommend this class. I’m such a visual learner that it’s quite painful sometimes to work out stuff from diagrammes or poor photos.

      Almost all the stitches are 3D somehow, so it’s wonderful to see them being made. The sampler sizes are also quite enough to give a great idea of what one likes versus might not try again. There are a bunch on my list that I was happy to try, but most likely won’t make again, and since I have a general overview, it will be easy to go out and find/discard more stitches according to the “existing” categories.


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