Snip, snip, snip said the scissors – An ode to colours

There’s a reason for my not working with the Robert Kaufman Kona “paint chips” more and that’s because they are a pain to combine with fabrics. Yesterday I saw Rachel’s blog post Manipulative Kona Color Card and my brain took one huge sigh of relief as everything fell into place. Out came the colour card and a pair of sturdy Fiskars kitchen scissors.

When thinking of how to write about this project, I heard in my head “Snip, snip, snip said the scissors…” sung by Judy Garland, so let’s take a look!

“Meet Me in St. Louis” was filmed in 1944, 70 years ago can you believe it, but it’s like a Kona colour card! (I love her weird face at the end of the video!) Here’s my proof snipped so far…

NinaWithFreckles - Kona colour cards being snipped 1

When noticing how the text goes up and down depending on the original location on the card, my brain switched completely into “Nooooooo!” mode and I went as far as to look up the Kona collection on the website to see whether the fonts would look like these – so I could copy-paste names and numbers into Excel or something…

I have an extra card that came out maybe a year and a half ago, once they had released new colours. Of course those swatches aren’t on “paint chips” so I will have to make them myself. Which obviously means I need to write something somewhere, too, and I’d prefer computer over handwriting. Hence that scream above. Tough luck, me.

In the photo above there’s actually a twin chip thanks to the text bleeding over from one chip to the other. And I haven’t decided what to do what to do what to do about it yet.

And look, the horror! Not only is the text upside down from time to time, but the chips are also of varying width!

NinaWithFreckles - Kona colour cards being snipped 2

At this point, the rational portion of my mind seemed to have had enough and I found myself taking a deep breath whilst letting go of everything related to the appearance of OCPD.

I’ll have to live with these colour cards being as annoyingly imperfect as they come, because I refuse to spend hours perfecting something that may eventually fray around the edges anyway, causing the credit card to swing and a new set to be delivered.

After googling a bit, I saw another version of the snipped cards, this time on a velcro strip as wall art of a kind. I think a portable version is more for me, but I’m still pondering ways to store them.

With all the “crazy” out there now, what remains to be said is that I absolutely LOVE seeing these tiny blobs of colour next to each other in an organic way! Fabrics truly are a happy place!

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