DMC mouliné aka The Rainbow Inheritance

My original plan was to make a fabric palette to post today, but I haven’t had the time. Instead I present to you the inherited stash of DMC mouliné. Most of the beiges, browns, and greyscale are still unwound and it took me a few evenings to sort the mess into this:

NWF DMC mouliné stash

My DMC mouliné stash

I’ve been shuffling some “bobbins” due to the embroidery samplers and the latter have eaten only a fraction of what I thought I might use up, so what’s still unwound will definitely not fit into this box. There’s no point in buying a second box, since this is not my primary craft, but we’ll see what spring and summer bring along as far as pattern design goes; I have a rainbow project in the making as we speak and I’m thinking you can guess its inspiration by now.

As for the third embroidery sampler, it’s almost finished. The bouillon stitch caused much grief until I realised my mistake and now it seems like there might be a photo to show tomorrow. Have a great day, everyone!


2 thoughts on “DMC mouliné aka The Rainbow Inheritance

    1. Nina With Freckles Post author

      Yes, I’m fine, thanks for asking! It’s been hectic and currently I don’t have my crafting stuff available so I haven’t given this blog much thought. Should have maybe, at least stopped by to mention that, but sometimes “life” happens I guess.


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