Embroidery sampler 2

Yesterday I showed you the first sampler and then kept working on the second and third. The tracing of the pattern was easier to do in sunlight and I was able to quickly move on to the actual embroidery. Here’s the second sampler with looped stitches:

NWF Hand Embroidery - Sampler 2 Looped stitches

Sampler 2 – Looped stitches

The stitches:

  1. Chain stitch. I practiced two different lengths.
  2. Zigzag chain stitch.
  3. Open chain.
  4. Detached chain and Lazy Daisy.
  5. Fly stitch (three clusters of stitches).
  6. Feather stitch.
  7. Buttonhole stitch.
  8. Buttonhole wheel.
  9. Couching stitch. This is my own design, the pattern calls for single couching at even intervals.

In this sampler I used the same Essex Linen by Robert Kaufman and four ply of DMC mouliné. There’s a bit less hue variation, though. The mid-blue floss used in the zigzag and buttonhole stitches was quite split up in its ply, which is why it looks so wide and it could be a good idea to try using six ply as they are without removing two first.

NWF Hand Embroidery - Sampler 2 Looped stitches traced

Sampler 2 traced

I was surprised by my relative lack of enthusiasm for these stitches. The technical nature of the zigzag chain stitch was really nice, but visually it’s not my cup of tea. The endless v letters weren’t that thrilling either, although it’s great to have seen how versatile the shape is.

My personal favourites are the chain stitch in 1. and detached chain in 4. as well as couching stitch in 9. I’m sure all three will be applied in my own designs in the future. Coming up next are the knotted stitches!


2 thoughts on “Embroidery sampler 2

  1. laura33

    So pretty! I am a knitter, but used to embroider when I was young … I’m looking for a pttern to try getting back into it, and this one is lovely. Thank you for sharing it!


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