Embroidery sampler 1

Craftsy - Jessica Marquez - Design It Stitch It Hand Embroidery

I’m taking the Craftsy class Design It, Stitch It: Hand Embroidery taught by Jessica Marquez and made my first sampler yesterday. There are a total of five samplers and various stitch types are practiced in each. In this first sampler, seven different stitches were embroidered.

A specific transfer method of the pattern was demonstrated, but currently I don’t have such transfer paper, so instead I taped the printed pattern as a mirror image to the window, taped a piece of fabric on top of it and used my water-soluble pen to trace the lines.

When I compare it to the original, I can see I’ve made a mirror image, because the soluble pen should draw as is, not the reverse image. The fern stitch is the only one to scream about this “error” and in fact I didn’t even notice before writing this post.

NWF Hand Embroidery - Sampler 1 Flat stitches traced

Tracing sampler 1

In particular the two broken lines on top were a challenge, both to trace and embroider, but freehand embroidery is also a skill I guess. Here’s the finished sampler:

NWF Hand Embroidery - Sampler 1 Flat stitches

Sampler 1 – Flat stitches

I’m using lovely Essex Linen by Robert Kaufman and it’s a bit uneven, so to produce a perfectly straight line is next to impossible. I also don’t have a ruler right now, which caused slightly wobbly lines where they should have been completely straight. The stitch consistency is what matters the most, though, and I seem to be finding it.

The stitches:

  1. Running stitch.
  2. Running stitch on a curve.
  3. Back stitch. I practiced two different lengths.
  4. Back stitch on a curve.
  5. Threaded stitch, on a foundation of running stitch.
  6. Whip stitch, on a foundation of running stitch.
  7. Split stitch.
  8. Split stitch on a curve.
  9. Stem stitch.
  10. Stem stitch on a curve.
  11. Fern stitch.

I tried both the sew and stab method, but when using a 19-cm hoop I think I prefer the stab method. This was my first time using a hoop, so I can’t tell what it is like when its diametre is larger, though.

The embroidery floss is DMC mouliné and I used 4 ply consistently. I can’t tell what the specific numbers are, since most of them were inherited in a state without labels, but if you look closely, you can see I’ve used eight different hues.

I’m excited to make the next samplers and if you like for someone to teach you hand embroidery rather than learn it from books or online, I recommend this Craftsy class.


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