Aurifil box, oh my!

NWF Aurifil VFW box 2

Just look at this box of 12-weight thread by Aurifil! The “Fresh Modern & Timeless” collection is put together by Victoria Findlay Wolfe and I was the lucky winner of it a while ago on the AURIbuzz blog, but didn’t have a chance to behold it until yesterday. I just can’t believe how delicious it looks!

In case you’re wondering about the thread itself, it’s a cotton thread called Mako (their wool thread is Lana). Read more about its use and care instructions here.

The 12 wt cotton thread sits on red spools to distinguish it from other weights, which is quite brilliant if you ask me. In particular 40 wt (green spools) and 50 wt (orange spools) can feel very similar, but the colour code quickly sorts out the weight.

NWF Aurifil VFW box 1

I haven’t decided what to use the thread for in my first embroidery type of project, but since I desperately need a make-up pouch to fit my very small (currently plastic *blushes*) bag of such gear, there are calculations to be made still.

The embroidery will be minimalist but colourful, to honour this wonderful gift, that much I can say, and since there are a whopping 325 metres of thread on each spool, I think I’m all set for a lifetime, hehe. Thank you so much to Aurifil!


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