Code: Armonika Cowl – A fraction made

NWF Code Armonika - Casting on front

Code: Armonika Cowl – Right side

The yarn for my Code: Armonika Cowl arrived yesterday and I couldn’t wait to cast on. It’s an aran-weight yarn, 100% merino wool extrafine superwash, and while softer than the plum-coloured blue-faced leicester used in my Hurricane Hat, much splittier.

On the other hand, the fabric is less “fibre-y” (not sure you can call it halo in this case) and somehow slightly thicker, too. That could be because this isn’t stockinette, though. Here it is on the wrong side:

NWF Code Armonika - Casting on back

Code: Armonika Cowl – Wrong side

As you can see, there are five knit ridges on the front and only four on the back side. When I couldn’t see this in the pattern yet, I just remembered where the tail was; in the left corner on the right side.

I’m also still referring to the pattern, so the row counter is handy to keep dangling on the cable as long as I haven’t learned to read off of what I’ve made so far.

The pattern is written for straight needles, but I don’t have access to mine currently. It’s a bit more cumbersome to knit on circular needles, but progress is more important to me at this point.

The only place where I stumbled were the two first rows. I cast on with the main yarn and made the first purl row with the tail of the cast on, since I didn’t get what waste yarn meant. Luckily I referred to some project photos by Ravelry members and saw more than one picture with yarns in two colours.

A kind soul had mentioned seaming and Kitchener stitches, which led me to put two and two together. Rip it, rip it… Only an inch or so, though! And it’s forgotten now :) This is a very fun pattern!


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