I have a hurricane

NWF Hurricane hat 1

Indeed, my hurricane hat is done! I still love fabrics more than yarn, but having nice experiences for a change (will never forget those horrible projects of my childhood when we had to make one more awful than the other in school) certainly helps knitting climb up the ladder of my preferred methods in crafts.

Since I’m so excited about perhaps still being able to use the hat before spring has finally arrived, here’s another photo for you:

NWF Hurricane hat 2

The last few rounds of decreasing were interesting to say the least, with as large as 5 mm needles. I also wondered how on earth I’d be able to close the hole neatly, but a tuck here and a tightening there resulted in an eye of the hurricane. Not bad for a first hat! Most of all I’m pleased about my knitting becoming more even and I already have a few ideas for next project (no yarn, though).


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