Fabric love

Yarn has taken up some of my time lately, but I needed some fabric love and now present you with the results in this Thursday links post. Hope you like them, just click on the photos to open the new pages!

Scrappy Lily Bowl and Plate Michele Made Me

Scrappy Lily Bowl and Plate, Michele Made Me


Fabric Mailbox Tutorial, Giver’s Log (via Sew Mama Sew)

The Ellie Travel Case

The Ellie Travel Case, Fabric Mutt

If you have a fabric stash, check out a sewing room tour by Tilly and the Buttons; it’s positively drool-worthy!

New to quilting? Wondering about fabrics? Read some tips on How to choose fabrics for a quilt on the Craftsy blog.

Another tutorial by Craftsy is how to make a cowl neckline on a top. I never knew they were called cowl neckline, but I like the look and have found it flatters my body type more than round or v-necklines. If I ever dare sew garments, this might be within the first layer of my discomfort zone.

Finally, if you’re into knitting, you might enjoy reading this post on continental versus English knitting.

Happy Thursday!


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