Knit and purl, knit and purl

I happened to score a Craftsy class for next to nothing thanks to a campaign code and last night when I couldn’t sleep, I watched some knitting lessons as well as dug out my petroleum-coloured scarf. The rhythm of knitting and purling was so calming that all the thoughts became focussed on counting to five over and over, and finally the brain calmed down enough for me to catch sleep. By that time it was almost 5 am, woot woot. Oh well, ’tis a new day today and I’m wrapping some Christmas gifts.

When locating the link to my post on the purl stitch, I scrolled down to an earlier post in the same category, Knitting Ain’t My BFF, and read the last sentence in which I proclaimed to finish this scarf before 1 January 2014. Too funny, I haven’t produced a stitch since January 2013 until last night and almost didn’t make it in 2013 either, but there is only a tiny bit of unused yarn left and all I have to do is deal with the loose bits of yarn. One UFO going down!

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