I’m writing my first quilt pattern!

Rainbow Quilt - Fabrics cut

Squares and Rectangles Quilt – The pieces are cut

Indeed, I’m writing my first quilt pattern. I’ve been collecting inspirational pictures and taken photographs for quite some time now, because writing my own patterns seems the way to go. While I have some lovely patterns in my collection written by other quilters, it doesn’t feel like enough for me, but I want to challenge myself to calculate and design new things.

Considering I’ve never quilted a thing in my life, this may sound quite, ahem, interesting, but I just seem to get the construction process already. I don’t always manage to match points perfectly and I’m still struggling with the quarter-inch seam (although it’s considerably better now without the guide-that-didn’t-do-its-job), yet the pattern book is beginning to look like I imagine it should. If only I had that Electric Quilt software, though; perhaps Santa Claus/Father Christmas will be generous, I think I’ve been okay this year?

So, rainbow I say? Yep. It’s a pattern using twelve fat quarters in the quilt top and cutting is very easy. If you find yourself in a hurry because someone’s important day is approaching with menace, this small quilt might be the answer. I call it Squares and Rectangles Quilt, which should give a hint or two, and the pattern will be free for personal, non-commercial use.

Someone gave me these fabrics and since they were fat quarters, I thought I’d see what I could come up with using the whole bundle in one quilt top. I also wanted to write something that could use 44”-wide fabric on the short side for the quilt back, in particular because Ikea sells 112 centimetre-wide fabric (44”) on small bolts from time to time and I do have a few of them in my stash.

Stay tuned for a few more days, because Saturdays are tutorial days here! Admittedly I’ve been slightly absent as of late, but I’m trying my best to make up for it :) By the way, it’s NWF Patterns and they will all be pdf patterns only, this one being NWF-101!


2 thoughts on “I’m writing my first quilt pattern!

    1. Nina With Freckles Post author

      Thanks :) It’s fun, but also a bit weird to be so academic about this thing, almost like when writing scientific stuff; you need to stick to the correct structure or nothing will come out of it.


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