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Weekend 2013-12-14

Weekend stuff

Eclectic Maker in the UK sent me some much needed tools a couple of days ago and earlier this week I got my member card and pin from Modern Quilt Guild, all of which you can see in the photo. The sewing gear includes bent safety pins for basting quilts, appliqué pins, extra fine pins of normal length, a hera marker, a seam ripper (which has received the Red Dot design award; it’s larger and more ergonomic than the one that came with my sewing machine), and an oval, magnetic pin cushion.

I’m particularly fond of the magnet thing (although you’re not supposed to place anything magnetising close to a digital sewing machine!). During sewing, I’ve usually managed not to hit the tiny pin box, but they float next to it on the table or on rare occasions fall down on the floor, which is quite bad considering there’s a floor mop aka cat roaming around here. Now it seems to extend this invisible hand up in the air and it grabs the pin regardless of how sloppy I am when still staring at the area around the presser foot. Happy camper. Oh and if you’re wondering, the manufacturer is Prym.

What about those comic backing boards? Well, I was digging through the box with patterned fabric of white, grey or black background and the piles in the Kassett boxes just don’t inspire me. I also realised I should combine fabric with white background with its corresponding coloured background pile, because now, if I want yellow fabric, I need to look in both the box with yellow-background fabric and the one containing yellow details on white background. It’s just too complicated and I tend to forget what I have. Finally, I think I have to embrace the colour wheel and start organising from pink and red rather than in pencil order. Since I happened to walk past a comics store today, I hopped in and found the backing boards for a royal price of almost 20€ for 100 boards; such is life here in Northern Europe… Conveniently, I still have Mini Fabric Bolts and Some Studio Organization by Smashed Peas and Carrots saved in my bookmarks.

Love Patchwork and Quilting - Issue 1

Love Patchwork and Quilting – Issue 1

And why are there four black-and-white fabrics on the table? Weeell. I blame Eclectic Maker. They sent me an ad to subscribe to a new quilting magazine called Love Patchwork and Quilting and it’s too complicated to commit to an overseas subscription, so instead I consulted my beloved Zinio once again. Lo and behold, you can purchase either single issues or a long subscription! I couldn’t walk past the two very delicious-looking first issues and as it happens, in the first issue there’s a “Rail Fence Cushion” cover I want to make. The current one is too shabby and this task has been on my to-do list over a year already, so black and white it is. As you can see, it really isn’t my fault; I had no choice whatsoever. Totally innocent. As far as practical matters such as templates go, download them on the LPQ blog; easy peasy. And issue 2 contains an exclusive pattern by Tula Pink, so with all the great pattern makers involved as well as nice general writing, it’s bound to be good!

Off to sort some fabric!


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