Pile O’ Fabric BOM 2013 – January block 1

NinaWithFreckles - Piece O Cake BOM13 - Jan block 1 The Sound Wave

The first January block, The Sound Wave, of the Piece O’ Cake BOM 2013 is on its way. I pressed all the fabrics and cut the 1.5” strips for the wave. Today I’ve decided the order and approximate length of them.

I really need to start using the camera again, because the smartphone isn’t good for these types of indoor photos. It might be a bit hard to tell, but the violet on the left is a warm hue, whereas the ones on the right are quite cold, in the purple range. The yellow oranges on the left look a bit dirtier for lack of a better adjective so they fit well with the warm violet. The striped light blue and the dark navy in the middle are in between matte and bright hues, so it feels like there’s a balance going on.

I’m still testing the height of each sound wave and have simply folded the tops, but I have a feeling things will change a bit still, at least in the purples’ department. This is such a fun block to be working on!

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