Modern Patchwork Winter 2013

Modern Patchwork

Woohoo, I just found the Winter 2013 edition of Modern Patchwork in the library collection. If you’re in Finland, check with your local library, because at least the capital region covered by offers this magazine for free via RB Digital Gateway and Zinio. You need to use the same email address for both accounts and also you need to connect your library card to RB, read more here.

Anyway, Modern Patchwork. I have the previous edition where there are some equally delicious projects presented, and it’s such a colour party, fresh and inviting! In the Summer edition, there’s a quilt by Alyssa of Pile O’ Fabric, which I would like to make a block of on a cutting-mat bag. In the Winter edition, there are so many curves or full circles that I take it as a sign to start working with these soon. Smaller practice projects are perfect and there are always some birthdays or such coming up. The range of projects is very nice and everyone should find something they want to make. There are even more options if you’re willing to take just a block or two and build upon them in your own creations. I’m rarely as smitten as I am with this magazine!

Craftsy - Cheryl Arkison - Inset & Appliqué Circles by MachineLuckily, I’m waiting for an order containing better pins of the normal size, since mine are fairly thick and not very sharp. In the same order there are also tiny appliqué pins recommended by Cheryl Arkison in her Craftsy class Inset & Appliqué Circles by Machine for better maneuvering of the curved fabric. If curves are intimidating you, take this class and find that there’s nothing to worry about. Cheryl presents a few different techniques and the curves covered are everything from quarter circles to full circles. If you’re into designing your own quilts but unfamiliar with circles, it’s well worth your money to purchase this class. Psst, look out for discounts, they have them all the time and my class list is impressive at this point, but I’ve paid full price for fewer than a handful of them.


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