Craftsy BOM 2012 – February blocks

My sewing hasn’t been what I had hoped this calendar year, but I’ve still achieved more than in 2012 so that’s something. In 2014 I will work on finding a balance between too little and too much variation, in other words the amount of unfinished objects produced. It’s good to be able to jump between projects when I feel the attention span run out, but on the other hand it’s bad when things don’t get finished.

Today I’ve taken a small albeit significant step when ordering two universal presser feet from a shop in the UK, a walking foot and a free-motion quilting foot. They are late birthday gifts from a family member, but the point is that I’ll have the feet I need before the year is over. This makes me very happy.

And I took the aggressive route regarding the quarter-inch foot in that I ripped off the metal guide on its side, because I found out that the red stripes indicate 1/8 and 1/4. I’ve done some test sewing without the guide and it seems like a scant quarter-inch seam won’t be impossible to produce consistently as long as I practice regularly. I confess the act of discarding that stupid guide was very satisfactory indeed and turning a new chapter put back the lightness into my step that had been missing for so long. This makes me even happier than the two ordered presser feet.

Here’s what I did earlier this week:

NinaWithFreckles - Craftsy BOM 2012 February - 3 Balkan Puzzle Block

Craftsy BOM 2012 block 3, the Balkan Puzzle

NinaWithFreckles - Craftsy BOM 2012 February - 4 Chunky Chevron Block

Craftsy BOM 2012 block 4, the Chunky Chevron

Balkan Puzzle isn’t too neatly squared up, because I’m still having problems with the quarter inch and need all the material in the seam that I can get. Pressing to one side only is really frustrating in bulky blocks and there are other things that I’m not quite there with yet, but hopefully 2014 will be the year when I manage to find my rhythm.

I’ve also made half of the first March block, but it’s quite a challenge to keep at the correct size, so I’m still pondering what to do regarding the second half. More about this next week!

My blogging schedule is totally out of tune right now due to some private stuff, but I’ll do my best to come back to the routine in the next two weeks.


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