Seventh November links

Can’t believe a week is gone again! I barely noticed yesterday was Svenska Dagen, Swedish Day here, in celebration of my mother tongue and culture as a minority in Finland. Now it’s close to the weekend again, which means it’s link time and reading material for you in case something catches your eye.


Turning Leaves Quilt with Bark & Branch fabric line, Floating on Cloud9

migration header

Migration block, Displacement Activity


Flying Geese two ways tutorial, Don’t Call Me Betsy


Mini Bookshelf Quilt, Don’t Call Me Betsy


Personalized pencil pouch tutorial, lbg studio

And finally, a recipe to make your own spray starch, from the blue chair! I’ve never used it, but might try now that I’ve seen how easy it is.

I love books and that mini quilt is just adorable! I have no idea where I’d put it, but perhaps it could be a placemat or something, used every day. The letter tutorial comes in handy, too, because I’m pondering some holiday gifts to a few sweet kids.

Enjoy these tutorials by talented people!

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