Piece of Cake 3 – Piecing of blocks done

Well, it won’t do to cry over spilt milk and since there’s a major thing going on in my life that I have no control over whatsoever, I decided yesterday evening to bite the bullet and get this project over and done with sooner rather than later. At least this project is within my power to deal with as constructively as possible. The blasted presser foot will be as off today after all as it will be in 2014, but if I’m annoyed with it today, I’ll be super annoyed in 2014.

NinaWithFreckles - Piece of Cake 3 blocks done

Piece of Cake 3, row 1 done and row 2-5 waiting to get sewn

Sewing the blocks to rows doesn’t take long, so I expect to finish at least a couple more today. When looking at the pattern last night, I realised I don’t have an outer border picked out yet, but since there’s a quilt back to make still, I’m not stressing about this; the fabric needs to be the dot on the i.

While I was feeling down in the basement for a couple of hours last night, once I began to sew, handling the fabrics made me forget some of the frustration. It’s called happy place for a reason.


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