Piece of Cake 3 – Block piecing update

I finally dug out the unfinished blocks of Piece of Cake 3 and cut the two white parts per block. I sewed the first batch of strips onto one side of ten blocks. They were consistently too small, by about a quarter of an inch. The white side strip is 13” tall and the block measures about 12.75”. Consistent quarter inch missing. Sigh.

Perhaps I’m totally dense, but it never occurred to me that my quarter-inch specialty presser foot manufactured by Husqvarna Viking could be creating incorrect seams. The metal guide on the right side of the expensive piece of plastic is off by at least 1 mm. I just can’t believe this. I paid over 20€ for this presser foot and it’s this inaccurate. How is it possible???

I know I’m still a beginner and this group of sewers will inevitably cut inconsistently, sew crooked seams, press in sloppy fashion, etc., but is it too much to expect my tools to behave as they should, so the blame is mine alone when seams don’t match?

I’m so frustrated, angry, disappointed and what else that it’s hard to motivate myself to finish this quilt top. It will always be that quilt. Those pretty fabrics, it feels like everything is ruined right now, and I’d love to just chuck out that stupid presser foot out the window. It’s hard to keep sewing an incorrect seam, but if I want to have a quilt that isn’t even more off everywhere, I have to continue on the incorrect path until all seams of this quilt have been sewn.

At least I know now why my log-cabin blocks for the Craftsy BOM 2013 quilt were so totally off, too, but it’s hardly a consolation. Perhaps the company could sew it all from scratch for me? I’ve found out that in the US they claim there are no quilting feet (walking and darning) to put on Emerald 116, whereas not one but two shops here claim they have the correct feet for my machine. When I purchase those feet, I will have them demonstrate on an Emerald 116 prior to swinging the credit card or get assurance I can return them if they don’t fit. I wish I would have bought a Janome, Bernina or any other brand at this point.


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