Free Printable – Habit Building

NinaWithFreckles - Habit Building 2013-11-06

Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project is the foundation of this free printable, Habit Building. Her book is written according to the calendar year, but I’ve made this printable to suit a start any time of the year. Just scribble “December 2013” after Month 1, if you begin your project next month. I’ve started this month, so my text says “November 2013 – Sleep”, because I need to stabilise my sleeping rhythm once and for all.

“The Happiness Project” has been translated to other languages by now and it is quite well-know, so chances are good your local library might carry it, if you don’t want to purchase a copy for yourself. First I did just this, but found it to be so useful that I ended up buying it. Enjoy your printable!

NinaWithFreckles - WordPress download

You can find the other printables in this series here.

The Very Serious part: The printables are intended for your personal use only and please refer family and friends to this blog instead of just copying the file, too. You are prohibited from altering it, claiming it to be your work, and all the other yadayada that goes with copyright rules.


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