Free Printable – Special Days

NinaWithFreckles - Special Days

Special Days is a free printable, the first in a series, which will be published before New Year’s this year. I’ve tried to use a digital system for a while and in theory it works, but currently I need pen and paper to get things done. Since I’ve made these for myself, I might as well share them with you! Plot birthdays, namedays, anniversaries, and other nice days on it, and put it in your home management binder!

And speaking of it, if you know about Getting Things Done, you might find some features particularly useful for you in the coming organisers. If you haven’t been introduced to the method by David Allen just yet, I’ll explain how to use future printables in the posts.

I’ve made them to fit A4 papers, which are slightly differently sized compared to the U.S. letter size, but it should work just fine to “print all image” or something similar, or perhaps adjust from 100% to slightly smaller. Whenever I print from letter-sized pdf’s to A4 paper, I adjust in a similar fashion and it works like a charm, so please don’t let this stop you!

The printables are intended for your personal use only and please refer family and friends to this blog instead of just copying the file, too. You are prohibited from altering it, claiming it to be your work, and all the other yadayada that goes with copyright rules.

Now that the boring necessities are done with, please download this printable Special Days from Dropbox! Please let me know if you have problems downloading or using the file itself.

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