Learning new techniques

My sister has a Kitchen Aid thingy and I contemplated for a short while making a cover for it. She decided against it, but I still have the pattern in case I ever purchase or receive one myself. The method, however, includes a form of paper piecing and I’ve never tried such a technique before, so I’ve been reading up a bit on foundation piecing and have signed up for the Craftsy class Mastering Foundation Paper Piecing by Carol Doak. I can highly recommend it, because any verbal explanation I’ve read has left me a tiny bit confused, but seeing the method executed on video makes it a breeze to grasp!

Circles have been intimidating ever since I first saw them on quilts, but those are now covered, too! Cheryl Arkison teaches the class Inset & Appliqué Circles by Machine and it’s short but sweet; to the point, comprehensive. It’s a really great class with all those little tips and ticks taught that you need to know, but which are difficult to pick up in books.

I’ve been fortunate enough to find classes on (sometimes huge) sale or they would have remained without my reach for now. A tip is to sign up for the Craftsy newsletter and to check out the blog as well as Sale section, if you’re interested in this learning format. The best thing about many of the classes I’ve enrolled in is when you see beyond a particular project presented and realise you don’t have to make exactly everything the teacher shows you, but you can pick and choose according to your own taste, learn the method through making another project, or just watch the videos without creating anything at all; in theory you’d know, but in practice it’s not your cup of tea perhaps. Thanks to the lifetime access you can always go back to a particular class, should the need arise to refer back to said theory.

What remains is to start using what I’ve learned and I think I’ll pick a pattern from the free-for-students e-book by Carol Doak, so stay tuned!


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