Works in Progress – Status 28.7.2013


Time for a new status report decorated with some small chrysanthemums purchased and potted on Friday!


  • Larger quilts:
    • Fit for a Princess!: No progress on planning the back.
    • Piece of Cake 3: A quilt back has been planned.
    • Craftsy Block of the Month 2012 quilt, January blocks: Done!
  • Smaller quilts:
    • Charm Squares Baby Quilt, with yellow flowers and Charm Squares Baby Quilt, with “Wallpaper Marigold”: A quilt resizing has been calculated.

Other projects:

  • iPad sleeve for mom: I happened to stop by the store, which carries velcro of the width that I need for the sleeve. I checked once again, but they still had only half the velcro available. It is sold in batches of 1 metre and half the velcro (either soft or hooked side) costs almost 6€. So for a fully functional 1-metre piece of velcro you cough up almost 12€ or close to 16 USD. I don’t think so.
  • Placemats: All six placemat tops are done, finally! Yesterday I also found a good backing fabric for them, so now I need a walking foot.
  • Kitchen curtain: No progress.
  • Pressing board: Done!
  • Two Christmas runners: Fabrics have been cut, time to do some piecing.
  • Craftsy BOM 2013 January block: Done! I’ve found a pattern for a drawstring bag and will make the block into such a little thing. The lining fabric is still being pondered, but I’ve picked a pink solid fabric and a strip of the white fabric with yellow donuts used in the block for the back of the bag.

I’m slightly inconsistent in squaring up a fabric correctly after I’ve pressed it and folded into four layers, hence the practice project of Christmas runners. I want to be sure I cut straight WOF strips, when I begin cutting for the Piece of Cake 3 quilt.


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