Christmas runner – Cutting done

There is a Craftsy class called “Inspired Modern Quilts” by Elizabeth Hartman and I was lucky to get it at a reduced price. The first quilt project is called Scattered Squares, which is a rather small quilt, so I’ve decided to shuffle around the squares into the shape of a table runner.

Since my kitchen table is on the narrower side and I don’t want the runner to interrupt glasses nor dessert silverware, there would be squares to scatter elsewhere, should I choose to cut according to directions, so I got the idea to make a table runner the width of a placemat and length of two opposing seats instead.

After measuring my table, I’ve calculated that I’d need only ten more squares for one runner, but it would make more sense to cut for two, so that’s what I’ve done. Some people seem ambivalent or aggressive even about Christmas in July, but since I’m pretty neutral about the whole thing, here they are, my neat little piles of squares!

Christmas runner - Fabrics cut

I haven’t been able to create as much in the past couple of days, but I’ve still managed to cut these pieces (it’s like a miracle when you cut from strips of two fabrics stacked on top of each other!) and stop by a wood-supply place to buy veneer for a small pressing table. I’m still undecided on the fabric to use for the cover of the latter, but once I’ve done that, the directions in Elizabeth’s first lesson of the class are very easy to follow.

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