Placemats – Piecing, round 1

Remember the placemats? No? It’s okay, they’ve been pretty foggy in my mind too and I’m supposed to be the one to make them. I seem to be on a bit of a roll here, so much so that it’s not an option to put the sewing machine away, because I might need it in the next hour or at the very latest the next day!

I’ve cut all the white pieces a while ago and have just finished piecing the third of six in total. The pattern is by Elizabeth Hartman and she published it for a Christmas quilt along – two Christmases ago… Anyway, I’m back on track and will keep going until the quilting stage, after which I’ll have to wait until I’ve purchased a walking foot. There’s a bit of dust in the bank right now, but I’ll get to that and a free-motion quilting foot eventually. There’s also a bit of a hickup coming up, because it seems like Husqvarna doesn’t produce these two presser feet for my particular model. I so love purchasing sewing machines from people, who know what they are talking about. End of parenthesis.

Here are the three first placemats:

Placemat 1

Placemat 1

Placemat 2

Placemat 2

Placemat 3

Placemat 3

I had started the piecing of the columns where no white appears, but I now remember thinking it was much slower than expected. No wonder, since there were broken threads at the ends of each seam… Thank goodness for chain piecing!

You might notice that the largest rectangle of the Wallpaper fabric in the third placemat is broken? I don’t mind this at all, but my message is to choose fat quarters rather than quarter yards, because once again I’ve done much more work than necessary due to not working with fat quarters. I think I mentioned in the earlier post on this project that I had to fussy cut quite a bit and it’s a well-learned lesson; think twice whether it is worth it.

The placemats have been photographed on the kitchen table, their future home and while the oak finish shoots fairly dark, the fabric choices will suit beautifully both table, lamp (black), future curtain (the black fabric with white stripes above) and countertops (black, not my choice but I’m working with it rather than against it).

I considered making the placemats two-sided, but decided to use some second-grade fabric as backing and leave it at that. I also have quite a lot of purchased (inherited) bias tape to use, but the focal point is the pieced top in the end. And soon there will be six!

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