Craftsy BOM 2012 – January blocks

There are two blocks to be made in the BOM 2012 series hosted by Amy Gibson at Craftsy and each block will introduce a technique new to me, so as written earlier I intend to start this sampler quilt during the ongoing month, then finish next year.

The sneak peak revealed last night didn’t show the end result of the first January block, but here it is, photographed Monday morning:

Craftsy BOM 2012 January - 1 Asterisk block

Craftsy BOM 2012 block 1, the Asterisk

Pressing the Asterisk was quite a challenge due to the bulk caused by pressing toward the darker fabric, so the Wonky Pound Sign block below was pressed the way I normally do and prefer, with seams opened. I was careful to find the mid-points of both corners and sides when cutting through the Asterisk block and the lines are pretty straight. Apart from the little seam-ripper flirtation I enjoyed learning the technique of this block very much. It’s quite simple to grasp, but not as easy to master to perfection.

The second January block is the Wonky Pound Sign, although I keep thinking of it as a wonky hashtag. This block is slightly wonkier and not necessarily in the good way, but hey, I need some alcohol in the blood before I can see through fabrics. Really. A creative mind finds opportunities in unexpected places, so maybe I should go practice a bit. Before I keep rambling any further, here it is:

Craftsy BOM 2012 January - 2 Wonky Pound Sign block

Craftsy BOM 2012 block 2, the Wonky Pound Sign

This second block was much quicker to make, but lining up those flower thingies was harder than expected. The first seam was unpinned before sewing, but I quickly noticed it won’t do, so several pins where used thereafter.

Since I’m having so much fun pushing myself outside of my comfort zone (it is a bit scary if I’m allowed to be completely honest), I jumped onto next month’s two blocks, printed the directions and selected my fabrics. It’s going to be great, so hold on to your flower hats!


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