Works in Progress – Status 21.7.2013

I’m launching a new series to stay on track with the Works in Progress (WIP), also called Unfinished Objects (UFO’s). I’ll finish the week with a wrap-up of what’s going on, at what stage each WIP is in that particular moment. A multitude of options does no good to the brain, which is good to be conscious of, so I hence proceed so set some limits, be they random and synthetic or not, to narrow down what I can choose from.


  • Larger quilts:
    • Fit for a Princess!: The quilt top is done, my first ever finished quilt top. Pleased as punch, should move on to plan the quilt back.
    • Piece of Cake 3: I’ve finished the blocks apart from the block sashings. I’m collecting oomph to cut all the white stuff, because there will be lots of it.
    • Craftsy Block of the Month 2012 quilt, January blocks: I’ve done some serious investigating online, because while this quilt is a sampler, it would be nice if the end result would look nice and balanced. I’ve decided to place the blocks in a different order compared to the original one and I’ve also found out that the block negative spaces will be white, but the sashing in between will be of a patterned fabric with non-white background. Finally, I’ve decided to stay in the blue-green range for now, because I do have parts of the cuts left that were used in the Piece of Cake 3 quilt and the colour range is a favourite of mine. Let the cutting begin!
    • Tokyo Subway Map Quilt, a quilt of scraps: Cutting squares has begun and a system of catching them has been established. I will keep cutting when scraps are formed.
  • Smaller quilts:
    • Charm Squares Baby Quilt, with yellow flowers: All the charm-square lines are done, no sashing has been cut. I need to resize the project to fit a small girl rather than a baby. I also have to decide when to gift this quilt, because at this point only two quilts are planned (see below) and there are four small girls. A Christmas present would be more suitable. Resizing can happen in the coming week, pondering the time of giving whenever.
    • Charm Squares Baby Quilt, with “Wallpaper Marigold”: I had cut all the charm-square lines before putting the project on ice and last night (literally, 1.00) I sewed them into five strips, which need to be pressed. Those, who have read my stuff from the beginning, know that there were two fabrics that were supposed to be different in the Charm Squares quilts, but one of the red ones didn’t have a size legend at the time of purchase, so it turned out to be humongous and unfit for this project. I proceeded to have only the yellow flower and wallpaper pattern as variation.
    • Slices, a quilt of scraps: Yesterday I picked out suitable sizes of scraps in the colours used in Slices and established a collection bag for them. I can’t wait to have enough bits of fabric to start sewing them together!

Other projects:

  • iPad sleeve for mom: I still haven’t bought velcro; went to a place that these days sells them only in specific lengths put in bags rather than according to customer’s need. They also needed to restock, so I’ll call another store to ask whether they can sell me only 10 cm (4”) of it, as I really don’t need 1 metre of it (over a yard). I’ve found a blog article according to which the iPad sleeve in question was made based on fusible fleece, which is what I have already, so I’ve made up my mind to use this for “upholstery”.
  • Placemats: Remember those? Yeah, thought so. I dug the cut pieces out last night and went through all of them. I need to cut smaller one piece and cut the white pieces still, but otherwise I’m all good to start sewing. Cutting the white areas could get done in the coming week.
  • Kitchen curtain: While I didn’t find velcro, I bought the ribbon thingy to which you can attach curtain hooks, so I’m all set to start cutting the Marimekko fabric from grandma’s attic.

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