Slices – Scrap decision

The successful launching of the Tokyo scraps yesterday made me remember Scrap Republic by Emily Cier. I have a bunch of scrap strips that are too thin for the Tokyo quilt and it seems like they are quickly accumulating, too, so unless I want to make a huge bunch of iPad sleeves, pouches and such, now would be a great time to start putting them aside for a smaller scrappy quilt.

There are eight quilts in Emily’s book and different sizes and shapes of scraps are accomodated in her patterns. I’ve picked Slices as my first project:

Slices photo

As you can see, the rainbow and beyond is represented in this small quilt, and different heights and lengths of strips can be used too. “Slices in Scraps” refers to the fact that she offers an alternative pattern – “Slices in Patterns” in this case – if you don’t have scraps available or intact pieces of fabric are preferable to use. She does this with all the eight patterns, which makes the thin but feisty book an excellent resource. I think I should write a separate book review at some point.

Anyway, I’m excited to start a collection of scraps from my stash for this project. It’s such a happy little thing to make and it’s not like I will be short on scraps nor fabrics now that I’ve commited to this quilt alongside my other projects (*grins at herself*). Saving over the course of months will make my happiness last longer, as well.


2 thoughts on “Slices – Scrap decision

    1. Nina With Freckles Post author

      There is something magical about all quilts in Scrap Republic by Emily Cier. They just make sense somehow and are perfect for practicing new techniques, as well.


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