Fit for a Princess! – Piecing, round 2

Well, well, well! I composed myself and conquered one seam after the other. My Princess quilt top is done. I’ll say it once again, because it’s quite amazing; the Fit for a Princess! quilt top is finished! And it’s not a disaster! Yes, there are some uneven crossings of seams, but who cares. It’s past midnight here and the photos are awful, but it doesn’t matter.

Fit for a Princess - Quilt top 1

I’m ridiculously grateful for my wobbly sense of inches still. When I grab that humongous thing there by the upper corners and hold it just above the floor, it’s much, much, much taller than I am (and I’m not short, 5’10”). Had I done my size conversion, I’m pretty certain I would most likely never have picked this quilt as a project. My kitchen table is the Ikea Bjursta of 84 cm width and 140-220 cm length (seating 4-8 people) and in these photos one of the two extensions is in use – and the quilt top is still taller than the table!

Fit for a Princess - Quilt top 2

It amuses me to no end that I managed to put dark fabrics of mostly the same purple pattern in the middle squares in the same position throughout the quilt top. It will be even more visible when I take a photo full frontal in daylight. Here’s a third photo just because:

Fit for a Princess - Quilt top detail

I tried to put the herons in other directions, “rotating” around the centre of the larger blocks, but I couldn’t. They would get motion sick and also they would have looked rather silly. Other prints I didn’t pay much attention to, because the challenge not to place similar fabrics right next to each other was an ordeal in itself.

My flat isn’t big and as long as this is still my home, I don’t think I’ll make other equally large quilts. There’s no room for a decent design wall either, so the puzzle is bordering on non-funny. But this Princess thingy here made it! I feel great!

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