Tokyo Subway Map Quilt – Cutting begins

Cutting fabrics for my Tokyo Subway Map Quilt has begun! The significant part of cutting in my opinion isn’t knowing how to produce 2” x 2” squares nor is it the matching of fabrics, but what can make it or break it as far as motivation goes is (lack of) organisation (and you want motivation to continue through piecing a quilt top consisting of 1600 squares). This might be obsolete, if you were to cut right before piecing, but I foresee a Tokyo quilt at such a stage in 2014 at the earliest.

The scrap pieces I chose a while ago were sitting uncut in my sewing room aka kitchen table, because I wanted to come up with a system of keeping cut squares tidy and without fraying around the edges. I’ve created a simple bag system and today I’ve written some even simpler notes on halved postcards, which will double as support inside the plastic bags.

Tokyo Subway Map Quilt - Organising squares

You might be wondering why I’m writing the labels in English? It is what my brain produces spontaneously when learning from a source other than my mother tongue and all learning in my case happens either online, be it various English-speaking blogs or Craftsy, or books written by mainly American quilters and sewers. The same happens in academia and in some cases the vocabulary doesn’t even exist in Swedish/Finnish, so English it is. I like a global audience anyway, seeing as our planet has shrunk after the internet was born.

After a bit of rambling, here’s the next photo of my very high-tech postcards:

Tokyo Subway Map Quilt - Keeping track of square count

The lighting isn’t too good today, since the sun refuses to show itself here. Half a postcard is of optimal size once it’s inside the bag, as you can see. Place it behind the fabrics with the text facing the other side of the bag for easy reading and no smearing of text onto the squares.

Tokyo Subway Map Quilt - Counting squares

It’s not the prettiest of solutions, but it works. And it is a great way to declutter those “keepsake” free postcards that were so “cute” once (decades or even a few years ago).

To celebrate this Tokyo lift-off I’ve created a square counter in the side column of the blog (I’m silly like this). It’s on minus 56 already with only 1544 to go!

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