Fit for a Princess! – Piecing, round 1

Is yak shaving as a concept familiar to you? I first crossed paths with it when reading Karen Kingston’s blog and that’s what I’ve used as a reason to procrastinate until yesterday, when I finally had had it. So I shaved the yak and set free the pins, which had been holding together the two corner pieces of the cut blocks. Turns out I don’t have that many pins…

Once the pins were liberated, I used them to hold together the halves of the 20 large blocks of the Princess quilt top. The halves were sewn together a while ago, but it was such an insignificant step of progress that I didn’t feel a photo was necessary. Here they are though, the 20 larger blocks, pieced and pressed late yesterday evening:

Fit for a Princess - Large blocks

The blocks are far from perfect, crooked in places, but this is as close as I’ve ever come to a pieced quilt top. I should have used pins for the small blocks when sewing two of them together; live and learn. Yesterday I also got an idea for the pieced back, but I’m not entirely sure yet, so it’s back on ice for now.

I don’t mind corners that don’t meet accurately, because some of them do and others don’t, but the important thing right now is to actually finish something rather than increase the amount of UFO’s.

Now I have to attach four blocks into rows, then sew the rows together, and a quilt top will be done. So close!


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