iPad sleeve – Front panel

There is progress on the iPad sleeve for my mom, but now the time has come for some yak shaving; I don’t have velcro of suitable colour. I will leave the sleeve at this stage, to avoid creating bits and pieces that would thereafter float around until the velcro can be purchased at an unknown point in time.

So what’s the progress? I lined up some green scraps and made a front panel yesterday.

iPad sleeve - Fabric selection

It’s much wider than I like, but I’m already thinking where else I could use the bit that will be cut off from the left side. Out of a design point of view, I’m happy that it is this rectangular though:

iPad sleeve - Front panel

I will have the chance to compare the width of the panel to the width of the fold-over flap to ensure visual balance. A thin strip of the bottom dark green has to come off, it’s too tall as is. From this angle, the panel looks a bit uneven, but it’s been cut under the ruler.

What took me by complete surprise was the bulk of the seam allowances! It’s been my first experience improvising entirely and I think I like it in smaller doses. In case you’re wondering, this is the pattern I’ll be using as a guide, but there are some tweaks I’ll have to make before having made a working iPad sleeve. Anyway, this is going on ice right now and I’ll move on to other projects for a while.

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