Fit for a Princess! – Preparing for piecing

My chevron pillow earlier (it’s done but I never took a photo of it) taught me that direction matters when you want it to matter. In this Fit for a Princess! quilt, I’m using some fabrics with direction and I want them to rotate around the centre of each of the 20 large blocks the same way throughout the whole quilt. So my picked direction during combining squares is this:

Fit for a Princess - Combining squares 1

Luca Grape, the bottom one, has tilted diamonds that look like almost-rhombi, but in the vertical direction they are slightly flattened out, so that’s the direction of this fabric. The Jewels on the other hand has stacks of rings that also grow in the vertical direction, look:

Fit for a Princess - Combining squares 2

When placing the smaller square on top of the larger one (right sides facing), you have to align them perpendicular to one another. It gets even nicer when the smaller fabric not only has direction vertically, but has an up and a down, too:

Fit for a Princess - Combining squares 3

The needle is where it is and in that direction, because it is. I intend to sew half-square triangles later, once the corner has been cut off, and then the seam will go a quarter inch in from the current pencilled line. The needle, therefore, holds together the halves of the future HST and it is placed such that I’ll be able to remove it in a motion toward myself, when the presser foot is holding the pieces of fabric together.

I just see these things when playing out the sewing quickly in my head, but I know many, whose 2D and 3D thinking isn’t a strength compared to other traits, so if direction in your prints matters, this might help you. If you’re in doubt still, just flip apart, “open” the block, like I did in the second photo!


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