Fit for a Princess! – Cutting, round 2

Remember the Princess quilt? My attention span can be a challenge to live with, so sometimes it’s just easier to put a project aside and take up the next one (in many cases an unfinished object…). The Piece of Cake 3 made me reach a point, where I had to work on something else for a while, and I know I wrote I wouldn’t look at the works in progress, but the Princess quilt kept screaming for attention.

Fit for a Princess - Blocks cut

Not only have I cut all the block pieces, but I cut a grey circled fabric the wrong way, beyond saving for this project (a blessing as there was bad karma tied to it), so I’ve grabbed the Luca Grape first destined for my Piece of Cake 3. It fits the Princess quilt perfectly. This pattern includes neither sashing nor borders, which means I’m done cutting for the quilt top!

What is sinking into the top are 20 fabrics, either fat quarters or quarter yards (I’ve used both here and they are equally easy to cut), which form 80 smaller blocks or 20 larger blocks.

The smaller block is a construction of the two squares, which you can see paired up in my photo, and it will be a fabulous practice to sew diagonals well, then cut quarter-inch seam allowances.

Based on my short experience, I’d say this quilt pattern is a great one for those, who are about to move from small quilts to larger sizes. The blocks are large and there is one particular technique to practice repeatedly, apart from working on mastering the basics of course, but the end result is not only beautiful, but a wonderful way of displaying fabric lines or simply fabrics one happens to like a lot. Since there is no designed quilt back, one could use the triangles cut off from the quilt-top blocks and sewn back to half-square triangles (yet another practice opportunity to sew on bias) to create a visual bridge to a perhaps otherwise more subdued choice of basic fabric.

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