Piece of Cake 3 – Cutting, round 2

I’m done! After yesterday’s snail speed, I was certain it would take me a few days to finish cutting the fabrics for my Piece of Cake 3 quilt. I found flow today and it helped to be motivated, so here we are, looking at three piles of fabric. Just admire them first (I know I will, heh) and I’ll talk more in a moment!

Piece of Cake 3 - Cutting round 2

Yeah, that’s 25 different fabrics or 25×3 + 13×4 = 127 pieces, not including the scraps, larger bits nor the pile in the middle. 5 fabrics were cut yesterday, the rest today, so I’m pretty impressed. Since I had all the fabrics out already, I decided to cut 2.5” strips for the quilt back. I’ll alternate with white of either the same size or slightly smaller, in three rows I think.

And the scraps in the smallest pile? As mentioned earlier, I’m making an iPad sleeve for my mom and I’ll use a neutral, lovely linen fabric as back, flap and parts of the front. The focal point needs to be some unique thing and considering I’m still quite new at piecing, I thought I’d make a stack of coins. Mom likes nice and pretty stuff, but it shouldn’t be too ruffled nor girly, so I’ll carefully pick some colours that on top of the aforementioned requirements could go well with the interior decoration of the parents’ home. I might be jumping the gun here, but I imagine she’d keep it out and about at times.

The selection will happen another day, because right now I want to enjoy the fact that I’ve finished the second and last round of cutting for Piece of Cake 3! A glass of rosé may or may not be involved.

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