Piece of Cake 3 – Cutting, round 1

Guess what I’ve been doing? Pressing and cutting! It is slooooooow though, since I have lots of quarter yards and some half yards too. I also made some changes; will use 25 fabrics instead of 22, decided not to use Luca Grape but haven’t pulled out a replacement yet, picked out the 13 fabrics to use for the block “decorations”, and removed some 2.5” strips to be replaced with others.

It’s been a bit of a puzzle and I’m nowhere near done cutting, but here’s a little “I’m on my way now!” photo:

Piece of Cake 3 - Cutting

At one point I was feeling a bit frustrated, because I’m so slow still and there’s so much to learn. I want to make lots of quilts before I check out, but with this pace I won’t finish many at all. Then I remembered a short exchange of opinions yesterday and realised I should practice what I preach; enjoy the process, be who I am (thorough, want as close to perfection as possible, high quality, good craftmanship, etc.), have fun.

This isn’t supposed to be quick quick quick all the time or maybe it is for some, but I actually enjoy using my own judgment and creative eye as well as deciding which fabrics to use. There’s a reason why I still haven’t purchased but quarter, half and whole yards; I’m the boss, simple as that. While I admire jelly rolls and what not, in general I prefer doing as much as possible myself.

I’m beginning to sink into the slow pace, accept it as a way of just existing whilst letting the thoughts meander as they please. I have no idea of most of my thoughts during preparing and cutting, but it’s okay, I’m very tired now and exhausted for some strange reason. Mindfulness at its best, I guess.

So, did I learn something? Oh yes. I’ve seen the “hanging” of fabric done a few times, right after having pressed it I mean, but I never really grasped how to find the alignment where the grain supposedly meets its other end at the selvages. I’ve wiggled the fabric back and forth before, but wasn’t successful to say the least. This time, however, something clicked and I haven’t found a single piece that has been straight on the bolt; quite amazing. The closest I got was a quarter inch off, but it’s enough to be cut off.

I also am beginning to find a bit of a rhythm and my own way of organising the piles. It’s interesting, but without the class I don’t think I’d even look steps ahead in the sense that I’d be thinking which strip of a block to put on top of the other ones in what order, after they have all been cut. I’ve even tried to cut the varying heights in the same order for each fabric.

Finally, I’ve discovered that the cover of my sewing machine is perfect for hanging drying fabrics on, whilst they are waiting to get cut. Keeps them away, off the ironing board on which end I stack the unpressed fabrics, small piles at a time, and also off the cutting mat. The photo above is just a demonstration *smiles in a very pleased with herself way*

In short, it’s been a calm, restful evening and I’m proud of persistence displayed.


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