Piece of Cake 3 – Fabrics collected

I keep my fabrics in a particular order, so there were several piles to go through when collecting all the fabrics. There are 22 of them! Dealing with my stash brought a huge smile to my face and I feel all warm and fuzzy now. Today I don’t have time to take out the cutting mat, but at least I can post a photo!

Piece of Cake 3 - Fabrics collected

I even happened to come across a potential binding fabric. The colours and pattern size of the Joel Dewberry Herringbone in Pond from the Modern Meadow line is perfect. I’m not sure I have enough of it, but if it turns out to be the icing on the cake, I’d purchase a bit. I’ll have to see once the quilt top is pieced together. Ah, fabrics!

P.S. I stacked them from Nameless to Wallpaper. I seriously need to have a stern talk with the secretary, because when looking at the stash I saw many fabrics not properly added to the inventory. Tsk tsk.

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