Piece of Cake 3 – Fabric selection

As mentioned here and here, I’m taking a Craftsy class called Pre-Cut Piecing Made Simple by Camille Roskelley and the first quilt of four to be made is Piece of Cake 3. Today I’ve made the final decision on which fabrics to include, so keep reading!

I have quite a stash of fabrics by now, but sometimes it’s almost too difficult to decide when the choices are abundant. For some reason I’ve bought quite a few quarter yards in various blues and greens and they go surprisingly well together, even though many of them are by different designers.

My organising tool for several areas of life is Bento by Filemaker and since cross-links are very easy to create as well as use, I’ve built up two databases, a “Fabric Inventory” and a “Fabric Projects”. When I create a new project, I’ve added a field to pick fabrics from the inventory database, and once I click on the button, it will take me to the inventory information sheet with date of purchase, length purchased, price and shop, and most importantly in which other projects it’s been used already. If I’m on the other hand viewing a fabric information sheet and want to remind myself of a particular project, which other fabrics are used for the same item and so forth, I click on a similar type of project button. It’s really convenient once you’ve set it up, so I’d be glad to assist, should you want to create similar databases for yourself.

This is a screenshot from the project sheet for this quilt:

Craftsy Pre-Cut Piecing Made Simple - Quilt 1 Fabrics

As you might have noticed, some fabrics are nameless still; the secretary hasn’t felt like working, but she’s been slacking heavily. I think she’s at the beach or something, at least she hasn’t stopped by in a long time. I should fire her…

The directions in the pattern are to use 25 layer cakes for the block “base” and 13 layer cakes for block “decorations”. The 13 layer cakes should be cut in two (roughly put) and all but half a layer cake will be used.

Since I don’t have layer cakes and refuse to invest in more fabric, I’ve improvised quite a lot, not just regarding amount of different fabrics used, but in way of cutting, too. From quarter yards, I’ll cut double the amount of pieces, which will produce 12 “base” fabrics used twice and 1 block fabric used once (25 in total). I’ll do a similar maneuvre with the fabrics for block “decorations”. 8 fabrics will be used 1.5 times and 1 fabric 1 time, creating the needed 13 block decorations.

So far, it’s just a bit of math, but the tricky part will be when combining the bases with decorations and then placing blocks next to other blocks. It can’t go totally wrong, though, because the fabrics above are fantastic if you ask me! Next up is cutting, but I’m not sure yet when I can start doing that.

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