So what does it mean?

I wrote about new beginnings yesterday, but what did I mean apart from trying out a new way to learn? Well, currently my works in non-progress are wearing me down. Just the thought of them makes me cringe a bit, so my Very Serious Assessment tells me I should just forget about them for a while. I do want to finish all of them, but now is not the right time.

It is, however, time for the following:

  • Two navy-themed pillows for dad
  • An iPad cover for mom
  • A lampshade for my sister
  • A quilt for myself, inspired by Noodlehead (or is it noodlehead?)

The quilt in question is of course the first of Camille’s quilting class, the Piece of Cake 3 quilt. It is huge in comparison with baby quilts, but I have decided not to listen to the voice, which keeps telling me over and over what a humongous quilt it is. I think I’ve talked about living dangerously here before and now is the time to walk out of my comfort zone for good. So Piece of Cake it is and three of them, too.

Last night, I pondered which fabrics to use, as I don’t have any layer cakes at hand. I think the shipping cost is also pretty crazy compared to that of fat quarters and quarter yards. But really, I seriously don’t need ANY MORE fabrics in a while. I’m good. So good. You wouldn’t believe and I ain’t showing, just because. A lady doesn’t kiss and tell or however it goes. I just have to cut a bit differently, if there are charm squares, jelly rolls and what not involved; tough luck.

Anyway, this quilt will need 38 10“ x 10” squares, because eventually I will deal with a monstrosity pretty quilt of 63” x 74” size. See, I’m already learning to waltz around the discomfort zone! And I can’t wait to decide which fabrics to use!


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