New beginnings

Sometimes life happens, then time keeps storming off, and all of a sudden you realise it’s been four months since your last post. Apologies for a knitting tutorial still halfway written only; it went a bit missing in action!

I just signed up for a Craftsy class, Pre-Cut Piecing Made Simple, by Camille Roskelley and have watched two lessons so far. If you follow the plan, you will end up with four beautiful quilts and they are all lovely in their own ways.

Camille speaks in a wonderfully down-to-earth way, so there is no risk of me thinking it is rocket science. I believe one of the reasons for me stopping dead in my tracks earlier is indeed perfectionism. Another reason might be the format, because while I’m a bookworm by heart, I’ve made a glorious first crème brûlée by following a youtube video almost to a T. It was a quick, efficient and pain-free way to learn a complicated dish – which in the end isn’t difficult at all! The recipe is here, if you don’t believe me (I need to buy one of those big torches though, as the small one was quite measly.)

This isn’t a cooking blog though, regardless of how nice it is to discuss delicious food, so back to class. It seems like 2013 is the year of questioning methods in use (just how I run my everyday life, what tools such as calendars and other productivity aids, etc.) and something fell into place a couple of days ago, as I found the blog article “2011 Quilting Goals” by from the blue chair. I needn’t overthink patchwork and quilting! I then read “a quilt for me” by Noodlehead and thought: “Yeah!”

Maybe the first steps on this journey need to be taken with someone at my side? I posted a question right after having watched the first lesson and Camille replied within an impressively short time. It was just what I needed; knowing someone will answer my questions within reasonable time, no matter how silly or newbie they might be. I don’t have to find all the answers through own research, but can have someone bring them to me from time to time!

I will press seams completely open though, at least for now *grins* Camille has brought lightness back to my crafting steps!


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