Valentine’s Day Gifts

There are two girls, who love pink over any other colour. And any girly thing is their thing, too, so I’ve already been preparing some Valentine’s Day gifts to put in the mail a couple of days before.

I have a few busy weeks coming up and the task of printing a few cards felt like the appropriate craft for a nice Sunday afternoon. I used a couple of cute templates by Heather Ross published last year on an Etsy How-Tuesday and while I love her set a lot, some of my ink is running really low. The envelopes I have are also shaped differently than the ones she used, so instead of printing lots of dotted liners, I made only one and used two stripes of it to hold five envelopes and cards together. Isn’t it pretty?

Valentines stationery

I don’t have any clear cellophane bags of the right size either, but a couple of pieces of tissue paper resqued for recycling work very nicely, don’t you think? The whole point is to keep them together during shipment after all.

In the end of December I stumbled upon some shock-red heart stickers and those I will include in both gifts, too. A girl can’t have too many girly things, especially if she lurves the girly (I know I already said this, but it can’t be said too many times). I never was keen on pink when growing up, so that fascination is extremely fascinating to me.

The address labels need to look like the gift:

Valentines address label

Quite blatantly, I used Heather’s lovely design, but it is for two labels only and personal use. Hopefully, the two young ladies will like their stationery customized with first names and everything. At least I had a blast printing, cutting and packing!


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