Lunch bag musings

I need to work on healthier lunches the few remaining weeks of spring and thought a proper lunch bag might make it more interesting to chop, prep and pack every day. Unfortunately, I don’t have any laminated cotton at hand, but it might be good to try with less expensive albeit pretty fabric first, before cutting into the more slippery stuff. The latter, by the way, will have me using a new presser foot once again, which I’m very excited about!

I need a pattern and have a few, but can see where it’s going – a solution combined of several. These are the ones available currently:

I also have a copy of Sewing with Oilcloth by Kelly McCants, in which there is a pattern for lunch bags.

The two first bags above are real bags (with handles) as well as round and therefore are out of the question for now, but the two latter in combination with the lunch bag in Kelly’s book all fit my current needs. I’ll simply have to measure my trusted lunch containers and sew accordingly! More to come this weekend.


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