iPhone non-pouch

I used a very lovely tutorial by Amy over at During Quiet Time for making an iPhone pouch last night, but something went royally wrong and while the looks of it are perfect on my scale, the size is a teeny bit too small. So my phone can’t squeeze in and it’s not her fault either, because she’s slim and extremely fit as is. I think it has something to do with the pdf, which contains a template without inch measures. I downloaded and printed, but it may have been for letter-sized paper only, while I use A4. Don’t know, but it’s no use crying over spilt milk as my mom occasionally shares with me, so I hereby present to you a not yet finished tissue pouch:

iPhone aka tissue pouch front

iPhone aka tissue pouch back


I haven’t figured out whether I’m supposed to use some weird, new pressure foot or actually take to *gasp* needle and thread to sort it out manually. Phew. I already see myself sewing quilt binding into place by machine… Anyway, it’s a short moment from finished, so I dare show it to the world already.

The blue fabric with charming berries or whatever they are is very vintage, salvaged from my grandmother’s attic of all places after she passed away last year. The selvage doesn’t inform anything but the collection name – Cook collection – and the manufacturer, Tampella, which was a shortening of Tampereen Pellavatehdas. Tampere is a city in Finland, pellava is flax/linen and tehdas on the other hand is a factory, plant or mill.

Since I found in her house a nice skirt of the same fabric, I originally thought it had been designed for Marimekko. Only upon discovering the scraps in the attic, did I realise someone else is to blame for this gorgeous fabric. Its only downside is the dark base; you can see lots of lint on it should you choose to pay attention to such things. The most fantastic upside, however, is that there is more where it came from alongside a modest pile of other fabrics and neither my sister nor my mother challenged me to a fight over them, so this definitely isn’t the last you will see of this “Cook collection” fabric by Tampella!

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