Ikea on the bolt

Speaking of Ikea, my sister dragged me along to Ikea in Vantaa a few hours ago (yeah, I ‘hated’ it very much as you can imagine), which was a pleasant experience. We usually go to the one in Espoo, since it is closer to home, but it turns out the Vantaa one is not only larger but much larger. I only needed a picture frame, but ‘hated’ the three mini bolts that found their way to the shopping cart, as well. After yesterday’s thread thoughts, I do want to experiment with at least a few different kinds of cheaper fabrics and these will be among the first volunteers:

Ikea indulgence


Volunteer brings Hunger Games to my mind and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed all three books. The movie had me craving for more and they sure delivered. Anyway, childrens’ fabrics are not that violent, so yeah, I’ll make sure to whip up something inviting of them. My sister mentioned she loves the hearts and they are my favourite, too.

The hearts, Vitaminer Hjärta, and transportation vehicles, Vitaminer Bil, are both designed by Sirpa Cowell, whereas the elephant thingies are Barnslig by Eva Lundgreen. Barnslig means childish, vitaminer are vitamins, bil is car and hjärta is heart in case anyone wondered. They were all designed in 2008, but maybe I’m slow to notice them? Regardless, they are cute. I still covet the headphones pattern for youngsters, though.

P.S. Please don’t pronounce Espoo like poo, it’s more resembling the French eau as in eau de parfum. I know of someone, who had to endure a job interview hosted by foreigners, who in turn unfortunately didn’t know how the name of the city was supposed to be pronounced. Awkward.

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