Make-up pouch in brown

I sat down. I picked a project and printed a couple of tutorials. I chose fabrics. I pressed, I cut and I sewed. And finished a project. It was small and I didn’t feel like tackling anything part of a quilt, because I needed closure. My personal life is a huge mess right now and so I find myself turning to fabrics.

I received quite a few fabrics as gifts last year and also bought an impressive stash myself, but it won’t do to turn to hoarding unless the one at hand is saved for a very special project, so in an attempt to activate myself again I’ve spent some coffee breaks online looking for pouches, clutches and the like that I could make.

This is what I made:

Brown make-up pouch

No contrasting lining

Oh oh… Lots of material at the top of the zipper!

And lots of material at the bottom of the zipper, too.


The pouch is a tweaked version of a tutorial by Noodlehead, because I simply don’t like zippers, which strut at the end pieces. Flossie Teacakes has some easy-to-grasp photos in her Lined, zippered pouch tutorial and the zipper-related steps were very useful indeed.

What sewing school taught me:

  • I learned to use fusible fleece (it’s sticky!) and cotton/linen mix (thought it’d be more difficult to work with). I’ll think carefully next time before choosing this fleece over thinner, fusible interfacing.
  • I read advice on how to sew zippers instead of winging it like before (and used an actual zipper foot as well, learned what it looks like and which one it is *lol*).
  • I concentrated on my top stitching as opposed to when making the iPad sleeve (back then I didn’t quite think how important aka visible it would be to the world).
  • I cut the corner ears off both lining and the outer part to create a floor for the pouch (I won’t show you the lining).
  • I learned the hard way to read twice before doing anything – because I managed to let the zipper stay completely closed at the time when I was supposed to open it half-way… That was interesting. I almost cried. Won’t do that mistake ever again, though.
  • Finally and foremost, I learned – once again because this one is a hard one – that done is better than perfect!

Materials used:

  • Rings Brown from the Metro Living from Robert Kaufman
  • Essex Natural from Robert Kaufman
  • Fusible fleece
  • Zipper, too thick to my liking but it was inherited from my grandmother

3 thoughts on “Make-up pouch in brown

  1. Berenike

    Really pretty! I hear you: a closure, even in handicrafts, is important when everything else goes a bit haywire. That’s why I’m doing socks right now :)

    1. Nina With Freckles Post author

      Thanks! I have a tendency for short attention span and end up working on a zillion different projects, which is actually fine as long as I finish them later if not sooner (don’t want to make crafting yet another thing where I have to “perform” by following time schedules and deadlines), but sometimes the act of finishing regardless of how many things could have been improved etc. is more important for a complex personality.

      I actually stopped by the other day and wanted to comment, but for some reason there is a slight glitch between WordPress and Blogger as well as me being rather crazy with various security add-ons on Firefox. The socks are awesome!!!

    2. Berenike

      I think crafts have helped to expand my extremely curt attention span :) At least nowadays not finishing right away doesn’t cause accelerating heart rate and sweaty palms.

      Oh shoot, not a day goes by in Blogger domain without some kind of a bug. The comment functions are first to go every time, I’m afraid :( Welcome again, though and thanks for kind words!


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