Organizing the flags and Q done

In case someone else decides to work with signal flags in quilts, here is how I have organized myself so far. First, I copied flags from the net and pasted them into Word. This I originally did to determine the relative sizes of the colours in each flag.

For each, I added its corresponding letter so I wouldn’t get confused. Printing the file in colour is a winner, too; just ask me who had run out on ink on the Pixma and had to use black-and-white of the LaserJet. Seeing words instead of colours drove me a bit nuts, so once the colours were an option again, stuff began to happen. I actually produced my first flag, Q, and cut yellow for a few more. Somehow I had imagined the final size of the flags to be larger, but on the other hand, there will be several beside each other with as much negative space between them as their width/height.

Here are a couple of photos I took earlier today:

Organizing the Signal flags quilt


Organizing the Signal flags quilt – Detail


Now all those small bits and pieces will stay tamed and I won’t procrastinate because of chaos. I’ll sleep better at night.


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