A growing fabric stash

Due to a rather impressively growing fabric stash and upon finding a cozy and large yet easy quilt pattern, I’ve decided to make a movie quilt for myself this spring. First I wanted to choose fabrics to fit the already existing colour scheme – white, grey, purple and a touch of gold as well as oak hardwood floor – but after having drooled over the quilt on display in the tutorial for quite some time, I found myself influenced heavily by it. And which quilt is it? Fit for a Princess! by Katy Jones of i’m a ginger monkey and the Fat Quarterly team.

It’s supposedly a picnic quilt, but I don’t do picnics (in my mind I am a person who picnics yet I never really get it done) and besides I’d never put a quilt directly on the ground, so a movie quilt it is. Katy comments on one of the photos on her Flickr profile “quick and easy weekend project” and while it sounds a tad overly optimistic in my case, I’m holding on to the easy part of her statement.

“Fit for a Princess!” quilt fabrics

I’ll dig out the specific fabric information once I start making the quilt but for now you can check out the two close-ups of the twenty chosen ones, as well:

Close-up 1

Close-up 2

I knew I had built a nice stash, but that so many fabrics could sink into this project came as a surprise. I only had to purchase a couple of additions! Tsk, tsk, I do have to up the ante in the sewing department or I’ll never have anything to show here except empty words and I doubt anyone takes great interest in those. Have a fantastic weekend!


5 thoughts on “A growing fabric stash

  1. Berenike

    Fantastic fabrics! Looking forward to seeing your Fit for a Princess quilt! My fabric stash has reached the imploding point, maybe I should start a quilt project too?

    1. Nina With Freckles Post author

      Yes, yes! Do start one and if you don’t have a nice pattern, there are many for free online. Fat Quarter Shop has many of them and among others Elizabeth Hartman, too. Her latest sew-along, the Sparkle Punch, is gorgeous and currently I’m saving scraps for the Tokyo Subway Quilt also by her.


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